How crazy is it that after all these years as a writer—almost thirty-seven, to be exact—here it is, a website dedicated solely to Denene Millner. Isn’t she lovely? 

Why am I just getting here? Well, I am an author, journalist, blogger, TV show host and podcaster who came to social media as a popular blogger; I ran my blog, MyBrownBaby, from 2008 to about 2018, and then quietly ducked out to focus on my children’s book imprint, Denene Millner Books, and fiction writing. My whole career, I’ve always kept my many different pursuits separate and distinct, so the people who know me as a blogger don’t necessarily know that I write bestselling books, while my book audience doesn’t necessarily know I’m on television, while my TV audience has zero clue that I run a children’s book imprint. Basically, I have a gazillion different careers that all intersect, but I’ve treated them as separate entities.  

Now, as my first big literary novel, ONE BLOOD, winds its way through production (it publishes September 5, 2023), I figured it’s time to highlight all my work across the myriad of genres I work in on one cohesive website. I hired Lisa Laczo of Starving Artist Design to bring to life.  

She slayed it. 

Everything about this site speaks to who I am—professionally and visually. It’s simple and clean, but also luxurious and rich and full and colorful and deep, with navigation that is every bit as sophisticated and cultural as it is functional. 

Lisa made feel like a celebration of the many facets of me as an author, editor, journalist, essayist, TV host, podcaster, blogger and publisher. I just love it. I hope you do, too. 

From now on, will be your destination for all things Denene. It is here that you’ll get exclusive insight into my books, imprint and various writing adventures, plus news on all of my upcoming work. A bonus: I’ll also occasionally write blog posts like I did in the olden days, when was my home and I was willing to tell y’all all my business. To make sure you never miss an update, hit that subscribe button and drop that email. I promise not to bombard you. I also promise to send you juicy bits dripping in jewels and gold. 

So go ahead, make yourselves at home. Check out: my bio, my press; catch up on past episodes of “A Seat at the Table,” and my podcast, “Speakeasy with Denene”;  take a peek at my books and those that I’ve published via my imprint; and holler at ya girl—rather, my agent—if you have a project in mind that you think I’d be perfect for. 

Welcome to my new home. Kick off yo’ shoes and relax yo’ feet —get these snacks! 

Everybody loves the sunshine,